Bengt Wiberg

September 2, 2021

Bengt Wiberg
CEO, Sting Free AB
Founder, EUforSnus


Bengt Wiberg is an expert in oral nicotine products, including snus, smokeless tobacco, and tobacco-free nicotine pouches. He is well versed in harm reduction strategies, and views oral products as a less harmful alternative to cigarette use. Bengt is a founder of the consumer movement “EUforSnus” (EU4Snus on Twitter) whose mandate is to end the present European Union snus ban. Bengt is the CEO of Sting Free AB, that has invented and owns patented technology to eliminate the stinging sensation, often a cause for gum irritation, common in oral nicotine products, making these reduced harm products more accessible to a broader range of adult nicotine consumers.

Bengt was awarded the Golden Leaf Award at the Global Tobacco and Nicotine Forum in New York City for the category “Most Exciting Newcomer to the Industry” with the motivation:

“…the stinging sensation associated with snus acts as a deterrent to many would-be users.”

“Wiberg’s solution not only serves the cause of harm reduction, but is also a commercially attractive proposition.”

“The invention has attracted considerable attention already and could easily be considered the greatest snus innovation since the invention of the pouch.”

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