María Alejandra Medina

September 6, 2021

María Alejandra Medina
Technical Coordinator
Plataforma Nicotina Reducción de Riesgos y Daños, Corporación Acción Técnica Social (ATS)


María Alejandra Medina is a professional in government and international relations. She holds a master’s degree in social responsibility and sustainability from the Universidad Externado de Colombia. She has a diploma in “Drug Policy, Health and Human Rights” from the Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas in Mexico. Since 2017 she has worked in programs and research that focus on risk and harm reduction in legal and illegal psychoactive substances in the non-governmental organization “Corporación Acción Técnica Social (ATS)”. In this organization, she has provided information services and analysis of psychoactive substances in nightlife contexts. Since 2018 she has been involved in nicotine harm reduction projects from public policy advocacy, public health, human rights, and participation right, to create in 2020 the platform “Nicotine: harm reduction” as a project of ATS in which she acts as technical and regional coordinator.

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