Research track sessions

Wednesday 29/9/2021*
*Featuring Athens time: GMT +3 hrs

10 min presentations


Basic Science
Chair: Konstantinos Poulas

Toxicology and aerosol chemistry [01-04]
Aerosol from a heated tobacco product has less effect on liver detoxifying enzymes than cigarette smoke [01], David Bovard
In vitro comparison of conventional cigarette and novel reduced harm products on the development of Age-related macular degeneration [02], Georgios Karanasios
Absence of Solid Particles Generated from Thermal Processes in the Aerosol from an Electrically Heated Tobacco Product [03], Teemu Kärkelä
Combusted cigarettes versus heated tobacco products: comparison from the point of view of particulate matter emission and soluble matter [04], María Ángeles Lillo-Ródenas
Biomarkers’ evaluation in animal or human studies [05]
In vitro evaluation of JUUL different flavor products on human alveolar cell lines, Konstantinos Mesiakaris
Preclinical evaluation [06-07]
Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems exhibit lower toxicity compared to cigarettes. The “Replica Study Group” experience [06], Massimo Caruso
Toxicological assessment of the aerosol generated by a novel pin-based heating system in human bronchial epithelial cells and organotypic small airway epithelial cultures [07], Majeed Shoaib

Chair: Evis Bagdates

Epidemiology & Social Issues [08-10]
Internet-Based Surveillance systems on smoking and alternative tobacco product use: Exploring the potential of Twitter [08], Christos Markou
Current tobacco control policies and observation of e-cigarette use and smoking cessation among residents at a substance addiction rehabilitation facility in Malaysia [09], Prem-Kumar Shanmugam
A Japanese Pharmacy Study in cessation patients to explore the collection of tobacco use data to supplement real world evidence [10], Angela van der Plas
Regulatory Issues [11-12]
Towards a Smoke-Free Future [11], Peter Harper
SARS-Cov-2, Smoking, and Nicotine Consumption: Investigating the intended and unintended consequences of responses to COVID-19 around the world [12], Samuel Hampsher-Monk
Smoking Cessation [13-15]
HABITA project, to study the smoking habit among patients and face their withdrawal [13], Vivencio Barrios
E-Cigarettes and Smoking: Correlation, Causation, and Selection Bias [14], James Prieger
A Multi-Disciplinary Investigation into the Drivers of Smoking Cessation in Five Countries with ANDS Markets [15], Samuel Hampsher

Clinical Assessment of THR & novel products (1) [16-20]
Chairs: Michael G. Toumbis & Panos E. Vardas
LECTURE: New Nicotine Oral Pouches, Karl Fagerstrom
Favourable Changes in Biomarkers of Potential Harm when switching from Cigarette Smoking to using a Tobacco Heating Product for 6 months [16], Nathan Gale
Evaluating respiratory symptoms in smokers who switched to ENDS [17], Stacey McCaffrey
Respiratory and cardiovascular health effects of e-cigarette substitution for cigarette smoking: a living systematic review [18], Maria-Ahmed Qureshi
Use of interrupted time series analysis for evaluating hospitalization rates before and after the introduction of heated tobacco products in the Japanese market [19], Angela van der Plas
Smoking behavior of tobacco cigarette smokers after switching to electronic cigarette or heated tobacco products during 3 years of follow-up [20], Gavriella Kostelli


Clinical Assessment of THR & novel products (2) [21-25]
Chair: Konstantinos Katogiannis
Features of the effectiveness of combined antihypertensive therapy in men, depending on the type of tobacco products used [21], Fedor Kovalenko
Nicotine pharmacokinetics of modern oral nicotine pouches [22], Michael McEwan
β-carbolines as reversible monoamine oxidase inhibitors [23], Alja Prah
Respiratory function, physical capacity, and metabolic syndrome components in combustible cigarettes and heated tobacco products users: a two-year follow-up cohort study [24], Almaz Sharman
The midterm differential effects of heat-not-burn and conventional cigarettes on coronary flow, vascular function and oxidative stress are independent of nicotine levels [25], Margarita Marinou
Epidemiology & Social Issues
The Germany Smoking and Vaping Model, David Levy


Wednesday 29/9/2021*
*Featuring Athens time: GMT +3 hrs