Terms of service

Visitors/ users of the http://www.nosmokesummit.org/ website should carefully read the following terms of service, which apply to all content items (i.e., texts, graphics, images, photographs and files) and to the services offered and access or use such webpages and services only on the condition that they shall have fully accepted the terms of service.
By continuing to browse this website, you agree to the terms of service, explicitly and unreservedly.

Identity and object of this website

The aim of this website (http://www.nosmokesummit.org/) is to offer information and services in relation to the Scientific Summit on Tobacco Harm Reduction: Novel products, Research & Policy (hereinafter referred to as “the Conference”).
SCOHRE, the newly established International Non Profit Association according to the Belgian Law on Smoking Control & Harm Reduction, which will be hereinafter referred to as “the Organisation”, is the organiser of the conference and the administrator of the website.

The website contains information on the conference programme, its speakers and its venue. After the end of the conference, conference presentations and photographic material will also be published on the website.

The website offers the following services:

  • Online submission of abstracts to be presented as oral / poster presentations at the conference.
  • Online registration for the conference.
  • Online registration for the conference electronic newsletter.


The website may be connected with third party providers, in relation to Live streaming services of the conference sessions.

The Organisation does not exercise any control over, and shall not be liable for, the content, the personal data protection policy, or the quality and completeness of third party services offered on the website (i.e., live streaming, etc.).


Intellectual property rights (Copyright)

The content of the conference website, which indicatively includes texts, graphics, pictures, photographs, drawings, video and audio material, etc. (hereinafter referred to as “the Content”) shall be the intellectual property of the Organisation and is protected by the applicable national, community and international intellectual property law. The Organisation reserves all intellectual property rights in relation to the content and the copies made of it. The content of the conference is made available to visitors/users for their own personal use only. The content shall be subject to changes without prior notification, at the discretion of the Organisation. By accepting the terms of service, users may use or partially reproduce the content for non-commercial purposes, on the condition that the content being reproduced shall be made freely available, either online or otherwise, and that it shall be accompanied by an explicit reference to its source of origin. Any other use of such content shall require a permission in writing by its respective owner or intellectual property rights holder.

The texts of conference presentations reflect personal views and are subject to the laws on “intellectual property” as this is defined and protected by the provisions on the protection of intellectual property, and, more in particular, of Law 2121/1993, as well as subject to the relevant Internet rules of ethics.

Other texts that are referred to on the pages of the conference website and are accompanied by the logos of their respective organisations, companies, partner organisations, unions or publishers, shall be their respective intellectual and/or industrial property and, consequently, such organisations shall be liable for the content of these texts. Questions in relation to the rights of reproduction of any part of the conference website, as well as applications for obtaining permission to reproduce content should be addressed to the conference secretariat (info@nosmokesummit.org)

Compliance with the statutory provisions in force related to intellectual property rights shall be the exclusive responsibility of website visitors and, more in particular, of conference participants that submit abstracts or any other material.

Any exploitation, be it for profit-making purposes or not, of any part of or of the entire content of the website is strictly prohibited without the Organisation’s prior consent in writing, e.g. in relation to the sale, modification, reproduction or reformatting, republication, uploading, transmission or redistribution, publication, execution, dubbing, formatting, site mirroring.

Website visitors/ users shall be fully liable for any damage whatsoever suffered by them as a result of improper or illegitimate use of the services in question. The Conference may not be held liable, under any circumstances, for any damage whatsoever suffered by visitors/ users of webpages, services or options on the website, while making such use on their own initiative and being fully aware of the terms of this document.

The Organisation does not provide any guarantee whatsoever in relation to the accuracy, completeness and/ or availability of the contents, pages, services, options or their results.

The Organisation reserves the right to make changes as well as to add items to, or remove items from, the information and technical material published on the website, and to implement technical or other methods with the aim of facilitating the public.

The Organisation does not exercise control over, and shall not be liable for, the content, the personal data protection policy, or the quality and completeness of services offered by other websites to which this website provides access by means of hyperlinks (see “Third party services”).

The services and the content of this website are addressed to adults having a full legal capacity. Minors using the services of the website shall be assumed as acting with the consent of their parents or custodians.

The management and protection of the personal data of website users is subject to the relevant provisions of the Greek and EU law, as applicable.

Online abstract submission

Abstracts may only be submitted online. Abstracts sent by email or by facsimile shall not be taken into consideration. Papers may be in the form of (a) a poster or (b) an oral presentation. The scientific committee shall decide on the form of presentation, following evaluation. The results of this evaluation shall be made known to the contact persons by email. For an abstract submission to be accepted, at least one (1) of the authors must complete his/ her conference registration. Users may submit additional papers, by logging on to their accounts. Abstract submissions are confirmed by email (“Delivery confirmation”).

Intellectual property rights of the abstracts submitted online, as well as the legal liability for such submissions, shall remain with the authors, even after the submission.

Online conference registration

Registration fee includes:

  • Access to all sessions online
  • Chat
  • Working sessions
  • Certificate of participation (upon request)

Registration options

Early bird and regular registrations are made online, using the website. Registrations are validated only after the payment in full of the registration fee.

In order to benefit from the reduced registration rate, conference participation fees must be paid before the end of the first early bird registration period. If the fees are not paid until that date, the registration rate shall be that of the second, and more expensive, category.

Payment options

The registration fees can be paid:

By credit card [Payment details are emailed upon registration]

For any further information, group payments or bank transfer, please contact the Summit Secretariat by email: info@nosmokesummit.org. Please note that any bank expenses shall be borne by the depositor.

Cancellation policy

Full payment is required to validate a registration. The conference participation fees are non-refundable.


By visiting the conference website, you have the option to subscribe to our newsletter, by signing up with your name and email address. Subscribing to (and unsubscribing from) the newsletter is ensured by authenticating the subscriber’s email address (opt-in, opt-out process). Newsletter recipients can unsubscribe at any time, by selecting the “Unsubscribe” option, below the newsletter contents. Please note that this option is available on every newsletter sent out by the conference organisers.

User email addresses are only used for providing the service requested and, by extension, to serve the purpose of disseminating information related to the website content. When a subscriber opts to unsubscribe from the recipient list, his/ her email is permanently deleted.

The newsletters sent to subscribers of the mailing lists are the intellectual property of the conference and are thus protected by the relevant provisions of the Greek law and of international treaties. Conference organisers reserve the right to deny subscription applications or to cancel active subscriptions.

Hyperlinks to third parties

The website and our newsletters may include links, hyperlinks and, more generally, references (collectively referred to as “links”) to websites, platforms or applications of third parties (collectively referred to as “third party websites”), the control of which is not our responsibility. Such links are provided for facilitation purposes only. Accordingly, access to the website may be provided through links found on third party websites, which are beyond our control. You should be aware that third party websites and applications accessed and used within such websites may collect personal data for their own processing purposes.

The Organisation neither provides any guarantee about, nor is liable for, the accuracy, completeness or up-to-datedness of the information contained in such websites, or for the quality of their services or the confidentiality of the data collected when visiting them. You are advised to use caution and to check the terms and policies (privacy policies, cookies) of such third party websites, as they may substantially differ from the terms and policies of our website.

Contact form

When visiting the conference website you have the option to use the “Contact form”, by filling out the relevant fields with your name and email address, so that you can submit questions in relation to conference registration, the abstract submission process, the sponsors’ activities or to other issues that are related to the conference organisation and programme.

The email addresses of users accessing this service are not stored, subjected to further processing or published and are only preserved for as long as it is necessary to serve the purpose of the communication at hand.



The new General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council (generally known as “the GDPR”) is in force as of 25.5.2018, with the aim of enhancing the protection of personal data for all individuals within the European Union. SCOHRE, the newly established International Non Profit Association according to the Belgian Law on Smoking Control & Harm Reduction is the organiser of the Scientific Summit on Tobacco Harm Reduction: Novel products, Research & Policy and the administrator of the relevant website, is based in Michel Ange 12 street, B-1000 – Brussels, Belgium and fully complies with the national and EU legislation in force in relation to the collection, processing and storage of personal and sensitive data.

The aim of this Privacy Protection Policy (hereinafter referred to as “the Policy”) is to inform you on the type of personal data collected, on how and for which purpose such data is being collected and processed, on the third parties sharing such data and about your rights, when subscribing as conference speakers or conference committee members (hereinafter referred to as “Speakers”, or as conference participants.

We should like to inform you that the processing of conference speaker and participant personal data is governed by this Policy and the applicable legislation in relation to the protection of personal data, including Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation).

Browsing the conference website (url: http://www.nosmokesummit.org ) and participating in the conference in any capacity whatsoever shall mean a full and unreserved acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of Use of this website, of this Privacy Policy, and of the policy for cookies. If you do not agree with these terms of service, please discontinue your use of the website and the services (e.g. your conference registration as a participant).

Personal data

The term “personal data” shall mean any information related to an identified or identifiable natural person (“data subject”). An identifiable natural person is that person, whose identity may be directly or indirectly identified, particularly by referring to an identification item such as the name, the number of the proof of identification, location data, or online identity item, or to one or more factors attributable to the bodily, physical, genetic, psychological, financial, cultural or social identity of that natural person.

The Organisation, being the conference organiser and administrator of this website, acts in its capacity as controller and collects and processes personal data that is voluntarily provided by you when visiting the conference website, when making use of website services (e.g. registration, newsletter subscription, participation of a speaker in the conference, etc.), or when opting to contact the Organisation and/ or the conference contact persons in any way whatsoever.

You may opt not to provide your personal data (excluding data that is related to the use of Internet communication protocols and that is usually collected when visiting a website). However, in such case, some of the website functions, including services provided on the website, may become unavailable or inefficient.

The Organisation’s aim in relation to the personal data that is collected and subjected to processing is for such data to comply with their purported use, to be accurate and complete, and to be subjected to legal, legitimate and transparent use.

Important information

(a) The Organisation does not collect personal data of visitors. When accessing the website as visitors, you may be assured that no personal data is being stored or used.

(b) The controller’s email address is info@nosmokesummit.org and they may be contacted in relation to any matter related to personal data. Questions sent to this address will be replied immediately.

(c) The Organisation collects conference participant and speaker personal data with the aim to:

  • use it in the context of smoothly and safely organising the conference
  • contact you.

(d) The data collected and processed in relation to conference participants and speakers is the following:

  1. Your full name.
  2. Your company or organisation.
  3. Your profession.
  4. Your email address.
  5. Your telephone number.
  6. Your postal address.
  7. Your tax (VAT) registration number and tax office.

(e) When is this data collected and how is it used?

This data is voluntarily provided by you, when registering as a conference participant and/ or speaker. This data is preserved by us and is used only for serving the above purposes, about which you have been duly informed and explicitly assented by providing such data.

No personal data item is made available to third parties, and no third party access to such data is being granted, with the exception of the entities mentioned in the “Personal data recipients” section below, in other words to our external collaborators acting on our behalf.

Your personal data is being subjected to lawful and legitimate processing, and in a manner that is transparent for you. It is being collected for the abovementioned specific, explicit and lawful purposes and it is not being subjected to further processing in a manner that is not compatible with these purposes. It is appropriate, relevant and limited to what is necessary in the context of the purposes for which it is being processed.

Your personal data shall be kept for as long as it shall be necessary to fulfil the purposes described in this Policy, unless a longer preservation period is otherwise compulsory or permitted subject to the Greek law in force. In any case, every effort shall be made not to exceed the time necessary for the applicable purpose. The criteria used for determining the data preservation period include the following (a) the period of our relationship with you; (b) the period that is necessary for the Organisation to comply with a legal commitment; (c) the period that is considered appropriate in relation to our legal position (such as for judicially defending rights, in relation to audits by regulatory authorities, etc.).

We guarantee the protection of this data from non-authorised or illegal processing and random loss, destruction or damage, by using suitable techniques and organisational measures. What is more, to better safeguard the storage of personal data, we use modern cryptography techniques.

The collection and processing of personal data includes:

- In the case of speakers:

(a) publishing your details (your full name, your status and your company, organisation or institution) on the conference website and in the conference printed materials;
(b) publishing abstracts of your conference presentations on the conference website (http://www.nosmokesummit.org);
(c) using the content of your presentation or speech in newsletters, conference proceedings (printed and/ or electronic);
(d) sending your presentation to journalists;
(e) posting your photographs of the sessions and/or the conference venue;
(f) using your presentation in combination with the video of your address (webcasting);
(g) posting and/ or publishing the .pdf file of your presentation.

- In the case of conference participants and speakers:

(a) using your full name and email address for posting information material about the conference and related matters, until the end of the next conference or until 30.09.2022 at the latest;
(b) for investigating breaches of applicable legal provisions, rules or regulations, or of the terms and policies of our website, and for protecting our rights, our he property and our security, as well as those of users or of third parties;
(c) for ensuring the Organisation’s compliance with their legal commitments (e.g. for revealing information as required by the law, a regulation or a court order).

The Organisation uses modern cryptography technologies for transmitting the data exchanged on our website. This applies not only to the information sent or received in relation to financial data of users, but also during the entire visit to the website.

We take all necessary security measures so as to ensure maximum protection and security of the personal data of website users/ visitors.

Right to information, and of access, correction, objection, transfer and deletion

As the subject of your personal data, you may contact the controller so that they inform you about, and grant you access to such data. You also reserve the right to modify such data, object to its processing, as well as to transfer or delete it. Also, in some cases, you may revoke the consent granted for the processing of this data. If you fear that there is a breach of any of your rights regulated by the applicable Belgian and EU regulatory framework in relation to personal data, you may always contact the Data Protection Authority.

Contact the Belgian Data Protection Authority (Autorité de protection des données) via email: contact@apd-gba.be

Also, through the Authority’s website: https://www.autoriteprotectiondonnees.be/citoyen/agir/contact

If you have any questions, comments or concerns in relation to the processing of your personal data by the Organisation, or if you wish to exercise your rights, you can contact us by email (info@nosmokesummit.org).

This conference is addressed only to persons aged eighteen (18) years or older. By continuing the use of, or visit to, this site, the age of the visitor/ user is deemed to be eighteen (18) years or older. The conference organisers shall not be liable for the exposure of minors to the website contents or for its use by minors in any other way whatsoever. Visitors aged from sixteen (16) to eighteen (18) years may use the services of this website only under the supervision of their parents or parental custodians who, by continuing their browsing on the conference website, agree to the privacy terms and conditions and grant their relevant consent. In any other case, the conference organisers shall not be liable for such use/ participation. We shall not keep or make any use of personal data if during the collection or processing of such data we become aware that the user is a minor or he/ she has not been granted necessary parental consent.

Personal data recipients

The Organisation shall not sell, exchange or rent personal data to third parties, be they legal or natural persons, nor shall they aim to disclose your personal data to any third party whatsoever, excluding: (a) external contractors of the Organisation that act on its behalf, by committing to implement, partially or fully, actions related to the promotion, organisation and organisational support of the conference and to its creation and management; (b) providers of website/ database hosting services; (c) newsletter management service providers; (d) natural or legal persons performing such processing.

Access to your personal data may also be open to public authorities and agencies, if such access is required subject to the legislation in force. Your personal data may also be transferred, if the legal form of the Organisation is modified in any way whatsoever. In such a case, the Organisation shall make every possible effort to inform you by email, or in any other appropriate way, about the change in the control of your personal data, and you will have a clear choice to exercise your rights, including that of deletion of your personal data.

Transfer of personal data outside the EEA and guarantees

In the context of organising and managing this conference, the Organisation may effect a cross-border transfer of data outside the EEA. In any case, the Organisation shall fully comply with the statutory provisions in force and shall effect data transfers to companies registered in the EEA pursuant to the provisions of the EU legislation. Transfers of data to companies registered outside the EEA may be only effected to countries with an adequate statutory and regulatory framework in relation to the protection of personal data. In case that the third country does not ensure such an adequate level of protection, corresponding to that of the EU, the cross-border transfer of data shall be effected only on the basis of a specific data transfer agreement.

Explicit consent for video recordings, photo shootings and live streaming

By registering on the conference website, which is a requirement for attending the conference as a speaker or participant, and by subsequently being present at the conference venue and attending the conference in any capacity whatsoever, you explicitly and unreservedly consent to the use of the images and oral statements and presentations by the Organisation. Such images may be recorded on video during the days of the conference and/ or may be used for live-streaming the conference sessions during the days of the conference, for any purpose whatsoever and, more in particular, for information, promotion, commercial or other purposes, or generally for promoting the conference as appropriate (such as, indicatively, on printed media or on the Internet [on this website, on other websites, on social media, etc.] or using any other audio or video services [television, radio]).



The Organisation, and more in particular, the conference website, collects identification data in relation to website visitors/ users, with the aim of optimising conference website functionality and of improving the browsing experience. This data collection relies on pertinent technologies, such as that of cookies, and/ or the monitoring of Internet Protocol (IP) addresses.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small data file stored by a website on your electronic device (computer, tablet, mobile phone, etc.), every time you visit that website.

Cookies are used by the website as “reminders” of your activities and preferences, thus eliminating the need to input such preferences and activities upon every single visit.

In addition, cookies contribute to the analysis of the use of websites by individual visitors/users and to the identification of problems they may experience when browsing the website.

More information on cookies can be found at: www.allaboutcookies.org.

What cookies do we use?

The conference website uses basic cookies, and performance, functional and traffic log cookies.

Two categories of cookies are being used:

  • Session cookies (temporary cookies) – they are only stored on your device for the duration of your visit to the website.
  • Persistent cookies – they are saved on your device for a longer period of time or until they are deleted by the user. The period of storage of a cookie on your device depends on the time fixed for that cookie and the settings of your browser.

Cookies are stored on your device only if you accept them. If you do not accept the use of cookies, the efficiency and functionality of the website might be affected.

Basic cookies

Such cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of the website. They permit browsing the website and using its services, such as access to secure areas.

Performance cookies

Performance cookies collect information on how you use a website, e.g. which pages you visit more often. Such information is gathered collectively and is used exclusively for improving the performance of the website.

Functional cookies

Functional cookies are used by websites to remember your preferences so as to optimise your browsing experience, by providing personalised functions.

Traffic log cookies

This website uses traffic log cookies, so as to immediately identify technical problems that may occur during a visitor’s/user’s browsing session. We are thus able to correct bugs and to improve our services.

Types of cookies used in nosmokesummit.org

Cookie nameCookie functionality
(google analytics)
These cookies are used for collecting information on how the website is used by visitors. These cookies anonymously collect information, including the number of visitors, the referring website and the pages visited.
NID, PREFCookies of Google, Inc. on the user preferences.


Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics, in order to analyse its usage. Google Analytics uses cookies to collect information on the usage of the website. The information collected about our site are then used for creating references related to the usage of our website. Data collection and processing by Google Analytics is available here: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/6004245?hl=el

Managing or deleting cookies

You may accept, limit, exclude or delete the cookies stored on your device by our website, at any time, by changing the preferences of your Internet browser. Even though different browsers use different options for customising preferences, cookie preferences are usually adjusted via the “Preferences” or “Tools” menu.

For more information, see the “Help” topics of the application used on your device.

Please note that (a) deleting the cookies of the website on the Internet browser of your device also disconnects you from the website and deletes your stored preferences; (b) rejecting the cookies of the website in your browser will result in loss of connection to the website and, by extension, in limited functionality.

By accessing the preferences of your Internet browser, you can:

(a) allow cookies of the website during your visit, while disallowing cookies from advertising websites or images that appear on website pages (third party cookies);
(b) delete cookies spanning over a specific period of time.

Web log information

Every time a user connects to the Internet, his/her computer obtains a unique IP address. Using that address allows the computer to send and receive data. As a general rule, this IP address changes every time a user connects to the Internet. However, under certain circumstances (e.g. when using certain broadband connections), this address is static (fixed). A static IP address may be linked to the specific computer of a user and thus lead to personal information of that user. Web log information is non-personalised and is gathered by the website host computer, every time a user visits that website. Examples of the type of information that may be gathered in relation to the use of the IP address and/or of the web log information include details of the date and time of the visit to the website and on the type of the browser and the operating system of the computer used. We, or our authorised representatives, exploit the Internet user’s IP address and/or the web log information so as to gather collective information on the use of the website and on how to improve our website.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

The Organisation reserves the right to revise this Policy, at any time and at their absolute discretion. All revisions will be promptly displayed on this webpage and will be accompanied by a clear indication of the date of last update. You are encouraged to frequently read this Policy, so as to be aware of any modifications or updates to it. If you continue to visit the conference website and/or use our services, it is assumed that have read, understood and fully accepted any revisions to our Policy, which would be promptly posted on this webpage.

Last update: September 2, 2021