Abstract submission until the end of August

August 5, 2021

Submit your abstract to the 4th Scientific Summit by August 31st in one or more of the following topics:

  • Toxicology and aerosol chemistry – Chemical composition of the aerosol, droplet size and distribution, temperature and toxicants, indoor air quality
  • Biomarkers’ evaluation in animal or human studies
  • Preclinical evaluation
  • Epidemiology & Social Issues (Perception risk, Attractiveness etc.)
  • Clinical Assessment and Harm Reduction
  • Regulatory issues
  • Innovation & Novel Products
  • Smoking cessation
  • Educational issues in adolescence

All abstracts must be submitted online, within the deadline.

Approved abstracts will be presented in prerecorded sessions online as oral (10 minutes) and poster (5 minutes) presentations. Presenters will participate live online for the Q&A session following presentations. Selected presentations may be granted more time (up to 15 minutes). More information and instructions to authors are found on ABSTRACTS page.